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  • Tuesday, 19 January 2016

    Year of The Monkey 2016

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    Year Of The Monkey 2016: Predictions For Monkey Zodiac Sign!

    Year of The Monkey 2016

    As the Chinese New year is coming, every Chinese has some plans to celebrate it in his or her own way. Every Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar, have different zodiacs. This year 2016 is the year of the monkey or you can say, Fire monkey, this prediction is based on the Chinese zodiac. It is also predictable that it begins from 8th date of the month of February in 2016. As it is the Year of the Monkey 2016, see how this time is good for people who are having this zodiac sign.

    On the web, you can find the exact date of the red monkey year, that is 8 Feb, 2016. The monkey comes in the place of nine among 12 zodiac signs in the Chinese lunar calendar. This zodiac sign occurs after the Sheep and before the chicken. As the Chinese lunar calendar is according to five elements, which are metal, wood, water, earth and fire. The monkey is a kind of animal in the initial of the metal cycle. Along with the monkey, dog and chicken fall in the same category of metal cycle. The birth year and the Chinese zodiac signs are two components that impact the prediction for this year.

    What kind of nature, people have with monkey zodiac sign?

    Year of The Monkey 2016

    People, having a monkey as a zodiac sign based on the Chinese lunar calendar, are energetic and cheerful by behavior. They are also full of flexibility to a great extent. In addition, they are confident, loyal and intelligent in doing their daily activities. They have a wise, inventive, charismatic and leadership kind of qualities in them. As they have many positive qualities and nature, even they have some downsides. They are arrogant in nature, as well as full of ego. You must stay away from the people with the monkey Chinese zodiac sign, who have crafty, snobbish and restless types of weaknesses in them.

    What jobs are preferred for them?

    They like to accept challenges in a positive manner. So, they prefer to start with the challenging, interesting and speculative jobs, such as lawyers, stockbrokers, sportsmen and many others. Sectors, like real estate, catering trade, banking, ecommerce, site management, household electrical appliance, software, hardware and much more, are some other career options for monkeys. Other than these professions, they also like to get indulged into acting, diplomats and journalists as a career option, as these jobs might give extra space to them so that they can show their ability and knowledge level.

    What are the best birth months?

    Based on the prediction of Chinese lunar calendar, there are some months, which are considered as the best months for people with monkey zodiac symbol. These months include March, August, April and July. To know more about the nature of these people, it is good to visit online and find out a reliable site, which reveals a lot of information about the Chinese lunar calendar and zodiac signs.

    Some important facts for monkeys

    For the Year of the Monkey 2016, people must know about the horoscope. For monkeys, lucky colors are white, vermilion and light blue. They need to avoid Southwest direction to stay away from bad incidents, instead visit West direction. Lucky digits are 4 and 6. They can wear bracelet, ring or necklace, and Pixiu with inbuilt monkey symbol to make the evil spirits away from them and live healthy and happily.

    Year of The Monkey 2016

    Year of the Monkey


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