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  • Friday, 22 January 2016

    Happy Chinese New Year 2016

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    Happy Chinese New Year 2016 | Celebrations Of The Chinese New Year 2016: Have A Delightful And Charming Time!

    There are different traditional festivals celebrated by people all over the world. When it comes to China, Chinese New Year is one of the popular traditional occasions to be celebrated every year. Another name of this festival is the Spring Festival. In China, this festival is enjoyed by all families and friends. It is considered as a public holiday, as per the official norms. One can plan something innovative and unique to celebrate and wish ‘Happy Chinese New year 2016’with loved ones.  This New Year falls on 8 February 2016.

    Happy Chinese New Year 2016

    More about the Chinese New Year!

    As the date is 8 February, on which you can enjoy with your special ones, it is important to know about its history. The date is according to the Chinese lunar calendar, rather than the Gregorian calendar. According to previous statistics, you might notice that it always exists between the periods from January to February on the dates on 21 to 20 respectively. It ends up on January 27, 2017.

    7 day holidays to enjoy!

    There is nothing more important than spending quality time with your family or friends. Due to busy schedule, no one has time to devote. It is only the traditions or festivals, when people have to contribute sometime to the celebration. This time, on the eve of Chinese New Year, one week is added to the calendar to be enjoyed, which starts from 7 to 13 of the February month.

    Happy Chinese New Year 2016

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    According to the official statement of Chinese, the first three days are declared as constitutional holidays. However, the day on which this New Year falls and 3 more days are always extra added to consider the entire week as a constitutional holiday. It is declared that there are 2 most important days that can be taken as the precious ones. These are February 7 and February 8, where the first day is taken as the day of family get-together, and the other one is for family visits as well as New Year wishes respectively.

    The history of the Chinese New Year

    There are lots of myths and stories behind the celebration of this New Year. Of course, you have a right to know about them, if you are going to celebrate this time period. As there are many reasons, but 2 reasons are the most considerable ones. Firstly, people celebrate it as a year of hard work and effort; have a good time with family. Secondly, they want to wish for a fortune full and prosperous year. It is a well-known myth that if there is a good start at the beginning of the year, then it will lead to a prosperous end of the year. So, they want to start the New Year with a great hard work so that the results will be better.

    Chinese New Year 2016

    Different ideas to follow

    There are different, unique and creative ideas to celebrate the Happy Chinese New year 2016, and come up with a happy year end. Most of the families prefer to visit the homes of their loved ones to have some small gathering to share emotions, feelings, happiness and sorrows. They can decorate their homes and lighten with some innovative and decorative items. As this year is the monkey’s one, so, you must take care of the decorations. You can get many ideas online to include red monkeys as a part of decoration.

    Chinese New Year 2016, Happy Chinese New Year 2016


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