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  • Thursday, 21 January 2016

    Chinese Calendar 2016

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    Chinese Calendar 2016:- Know What Is Ahead In The Year | 2016 Chinese Calendar

    The Chinese New Year is going to start on Monday, February 8, 2016. Chinese Calendar 2016  animal this  year is the fire monkey. There are twelve animals in a Chinese Calendar 2016 out of which Money is the only one, which is based on the twelve-year cycle. There is no complication in understanding about the Chinese calendar.

    Chinese Calendar 2016

    How it works?

    There are twelve years in the Chinese calendar and all twelve are represented by twelve animals in the cycle. These animals are represented with five elemental signs. these are
    • Hai  ( pig)
    • Xu( Dog)
    • You (rooster)
    • Shen ( monkey)
    • Wei ( sheep)
    • Wu ( horse)
    • Is ( snake)
    • Chen ( dragon)
    • Mao ( rabbit)
    • Yin ( tiger)
    • Chou ( ox)
    • Zi ( rat)

    The zodiac starts with the rat. These signs are analyzed with the Chinese calendar a lunisolar and predate the traditional Gregorian calendar. These are the observances, which are exactly based on the astronomy of the phase of moon and son longitude.

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    Zodiac animals and their connection with humans

    According to the zodiac of Chinese, the birth of an individual tells much more than your age. It is also believed that the relationship between these animals and people. This belief is not new and you can track it han dynasty. It is based on the belief that the personality of any individual is affected by this animal of the birth year. According to the western zodiac the animals, which belong to the Chinese calendar. There are five elements, which you are also going to see with the animals, which are
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Wood
    • Metal
    • Earth
    2016 is the year of the red monkey and the lucky color this year is going to be red. The monkey is the 9th sign in the calendar and it is associated with the smartness, ambition, adventure, mischief, activity.

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    Chinese calendar 2016 animal Horoscope is below 
    • Rat: The rat zodiac sign must focus on completing their pending projects. Patience is the key of success in both professional and personal life.

    • OX: This year is going to bring a huge transformation. Singles are going to have love compatibilities. 
    • Tiger: This year you will have better knowledge about things you desire. 
    • Rabbit: This year is going to be both financially and emotionally rewarding for you. It is also good time when you can add some skills.
    • Dragon: Do not get scared if challenges occur. If you think, you have potential to complete it, and then do it. Failures are part of being successful someday.
    • Snake: You must slow down your pace a bit because it is a year full of challenges. Newborn news might knock your door.
    • Horse: Dating, love, and wedding are also high on cards. This is going to be an exceptional year for your business and career deals.
    • Sheep: This year you people are going to enjoy an emotionally and financially stable year. You will get big projects.
    • Monkey: Everything you desire and dreamt off is going to be fulfilled this year. It is a favorable venture and is going to change your career.
    • Rooster: Auspicious time for first few months for rooster. You must also pay attention to your savings. Take aid of the healing techniques to battle stress
    • Dog: Take decisions related to your career with calm  and peaceful mind
    • Pig: This year is highly passionate year.
    Chinese 2016 Holidays
    Chinese Calendar 2016 Holidays

    Chinese Calendar 2016, Chinese New Year 2016


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