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    Chinese Calendar 2016 Predictions

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    Chinese calendar 2016 predictions | 2016 Chinese Calendar Predictions

    There are many communities along with china who are suing Chinese calendar. Chinese it is a lunisolar calendar and it is used to determine important dates such as for festivals. This calendar is also based exactly on the astronomical observations. 2016 is going to be the red monkey zodiac calendar. Monkey is on the 9th position in the Chinese calendar. Those who belong to red monkey zodiac can know where this new year is going to take you. Read on and know about the predictions that will make or break your 2016.

    Chinese Calendar 2016 Predictions

    2016 dates

    Chinese Calendar 2016 is the month of the red monkey. We all know that monkey is a clever animal and always compared with smartness.
    There are 12 animals in the Chinese calendar and monkey is the ninth animal. Lucky signs for money
    • Lucky numbers :- 8,7,1
    • Color:- blue, gold , white
    • Directions:- west, north, northwest
    • Flowers:- alliums, chrysanthemum
    Things need to be avoided
    • Unlucky numbers:- 9,5,2
    • Unlucky directions:- east
    • Unlucky colors:- black, red, dark coffee, grey

    Personality of monkey

    People who belong to this zodiac are clever, intelligent, and smart especially in the wealth and career. They are versatile, lively, and flexible and make decision fast. In addition, their honesty and gentleness brings them lots of love that stays lifelong. There are some shortcomings as well such as tendency to look down upon people and high temperament. Their strength is self-assurance, innovative, enthusiasts and sociable. Their weakness is suspicious, jealous, arrogant, and cunning.

    Chinese Calendar 2016 Predictions

    Chinese Calendar 2016 Predictions


    They have perfect match with rabbit and Ox. It seems they are made for each other and have several similarities. Both the signs can tolerate each other without any difficulty. It is important that they have freedom and space. They have a fun filled love lives this is due to the reason that they have curiosity to explore each other. They also share common opinions and attitudes.

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    They also have bad matches like pig and tiger. They have different perspectives and they do not have any topics to share in life. They feel difficulty in communicated with respect and patience with each other. Conflicts and quarrels can bring lots of negativity in their relationships.

    Fortune in the year 2016

    According to the Chinese Calendar 2016 is a year of birth for this zodiac. They might not have a smooth future this year. Career is also going to bring many challenges. They definitely have practical goals, but at the end, they might get nothing. They also must be cautious about the investment and cooperation. It is important that you do not trust other people easily as this might keep you safe. It is also advised that the monkey zodiac people must keep a serious attitude towards their love life. A balanced lifestyle is also going to improve their health. They will also need to find few ways by which they can keep themselves calm.

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    Chinese Calendar 2016, Chinese New Year 2016


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